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The first is the postponement of, if not retreat from, marriage.

The share of young men with jobs peaked around 1960 at 84%.Spokeswoman Marijke van Bogaert said: 'It is up to the parents to talk about this with their children.'We should give 11- and 12-year-olds information about sexuality which is tailor-made for their age group.'Flemish Minister for Culture and Youth Sven Gatz disagreed and said that those opposed show 'a new kind of prudishness'.Gatz said: 'I am a proponent to talk openly about sexuality, without taboos.'And that is exactly what this website does with explicit drawings.'Sensoa spokesman Boris Cruyssaert said that the website is first and foremost meant for 'youngsters older than 15'.A Belgian sex education website featuring highly explicit drawings has come under fire after children as young as seven were recommended to view it.The bizarre website, called 'Alles over seks' ('Everything about sex'), was launched by Sensoa, an expert centre for sexual health in the Belgian region of Flanders.

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