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In the Beta version, Sonic appears on a Sega billboard in the background.However this was cut out of the final product for unknown reasons.Du får også et digitalt Pluskort på din smartphone, så du kan benytte dig af vores rabataftaler på fx bøger, lamper og billeje.

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When Yoshi gets to close, Harry Hedgehog will swell up and become impossible to swallow.

There's a Sonic ornament hanging from the rear-view mirror, making this Sonic's first cameo appearance as well as his first ever appearance in a video game.

A Monaco GP racing game featuring the name and likeness of six time winner Ayrton Senna. In the world championship mode, Sonic runs across the bottom of the screen at the rival select menu.

The sequel to AM2's 3D Fighter game, Virtual Fighrter.

In the Sega Saturn version, pit Jacky Bryant against Sarah Bryant (or vice versa) to access a hidden stage called Chicago.

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