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Dogfish Head tends to produce experimental or "extreme" beers, such as the tongue-in-cheek "Liquor de Malt", a bottle-conditioned malt liquor, which typically comes in a Dogfish Head brown paper bag.

Dogfish Head products often use non-standard ingredients, such as green raisins in the "Raison D'Être".

In the late 90s, Dogfish Head started an "Ancient Ales" series, in which beer recipes were created based upon the chemical analysis of residue found on pottery and drinking vessels from various archaeological sites.

These beers have been produced in collaboration with molecular archaeologist Dr. As of 2010, four such brews have been crafted, and only one (Midas Touch) is produced year-round. Midas Touch Golden Elixir, marketed as Midas Touch, was first marketed in June 2001.

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In 2010, Calagione collaborated with Washington winemaker Jarrod Boyle of Alexandria Nicole Cellars to produce a "hybrid" beer-wine beverage labeled Noble rot.The name Pangaea refers to the eponymous super-continent which existed about 250 million years ago.The New York Times in 2010 profiled the brewery's efforts to make chicha beer, a traditional Latin American beverage made from maize, which requires chewing the corn and spitting it in a communal pot.[1] Dogfish Head's best-selling product is its line of India Pale Ales (IPAs), which are offered in seven varieties: 60 Minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute IPA, denoting the length of the boil with which hops are continually added, Sixty-One, a beer-wine hybrid brewed with Syrah grape must, Aprihop, a Spring seasonal IPA brewed with apricots, Burton Baton, an imperial oak-aged IPA, as well as the cask or bottle conditioned 75 Minute IPA.The beer was not colored green artificially; rather, the green color was derived from brewing a Dortmunder style beer that contained spirulina, or blue-green algae.Pangaea, first released in 2003, is a Belgian-style strong pale ale made with ingredients from every continent on Earth, including: crystallized ginger from Australia, water from Antarctica, basmati rice from Asia, muscavado sugar from Africa, quinoa from South America, European yeast, and North American maize.

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