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Tools also help decrease anxiety and depression What's missing in your relationships? Verdant Oak Behavioral Health is a group of collaborating psychologists located in South Pasadena, CA.Do you experience doubt or put too much pressure on yourself? I enhance relationships, address depression, anxiety, anger, etc. VOBH provides mental health services for your whole family, including Individual, couples' and family therapy, group therapy and psychological assessment services.

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I specialize in helping couples/relationships because relationships are too important to not fight for! Severe mental health problems, have questions, or just need to be heard? I provide holistic (thoughts, feelings, physical awareness, spirituality) therapy within the context of an authentic, supportive, compassionate, and confidential relationship. Let us help you find a professional and trustworthy company near you.We have the information you'll need to find a California antique business in your area.Therapy can save relationships or make a positive change.I provide in-depth psychotherapy, integrating research, systems thinking, and spirituality.

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