Accommodating people with disabilities

We're slowly seeing models with disabilities incorporated in fashion and marketing commercials, but this needs to become the norm, and not seen as future-forward thinking. Employ People with Disabilities -- They Are Ambitious and Want to Work According to NPR, "fewer than one in five disabled adults are employed." CNN Money also stated that, "disabled workers earn about ,000 less a year than non-disabled workers, according to Census data on median earnings.

That gap was under ,000 in the early 1990s." The disability community is still discriminated against at work from being refused a job or denied a final interview.

Just because a president signed a piece of legislation into law doesn't mean that a) it's fully enforced and b) it 100 percent changed our culture on how we view the disability community.

Also, major airlines need to do a better job at accommodating people with disabilities by building an accessible restroom within planes.

Many people with disabilities have to forgo traveling for long flights because they do not have access to a bathroom.

Disabled or able-bodied, we all have the power and responsibility to make society more inclusive for everyone.

From lived experiences to listening to the disability community, here are 10 ways we can continue to make our world more accepting of people with disabilities. View the Disability Community as a Valuable Consumer It's still progressive to see the disability community as a targeted audience and consumer.

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