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LEGOLAND, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World are popular attractions in the area for families.

Outdoorsy parents can’t wait to introduce kids to their favorite national parks and experience them again through the wondering eyes of a child.

Many little kids love to learn about animals and spend time playing with them.

If your family lives in the city or suburbs, consider a trip to rural area to spend time on a farm or ranch.

Although there’s no denying that traveling with kids is a challenge, it can be done and it’s often well worth the little hassles in the long run.

Beach vacations, cruises, theme parks, all-inclusive resorts, mountain lodges, and ranch/farm destinations are all great options for little ones.

Disney characters are onsite to meet and perform shows, and the hotel is equipped with Pack ‘n’ Plays, strollers, swings, and diaper supplies to use.

Families who live or who want to travel on the west coast will feel safe, comfortable, and pampered at the Las Costa Resort & Spa near San Diego.

This is a great vacation destination for infants all the way through teens, as youngsters are broken up by age group and engaged in age-appropriate activities.

There’s a craft studio, pools with lifeguards, and lots of sports to keep active.

All babies and toddlers are different, and some can handle traveling much better than others.

And similarly, some travel spots are better-suited to handling the needs of families with children.

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