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The ciliary muscle is controlled by the parasympathetic system, which is triggered by an out of focus retinal image. See push-up method; near point rule; near point sphere; Scheiner's test.negative accommodation 1.

See convergence accommodation; proximal accommodation; accommodative response; ciliary muscle; near reflex.meridional accommodation See astigmatic accommodation.microfluctuations of accommodation Involuntary variations in the contraction of the intraocular muscles responsible for accommodation and resulting in changes of about 0.1-0.5 D with a frequency of 0.5-2.5 point of accommodation The nearest point in space that is conjugate with the foveola when exerting the maximum accommodative effort. A relaxation of accommodation below the apparent zero level or when shifting from near to distance vision. See relative amplitude of accommodation.objective accommodation Accommodation measured without the subject's judgment.

In emmetropia, the far point is at infinity; in myopia, it is at a finite distance in front of the eye; in hyperopia, it is a virtual point behind the eye (Fig. It could be due to uncorrected hyperopia or indicate accommodative insufficiency. See hyperopic of accommodation The amount by which the accommodative response of the eye is greater than the dioptric stimulus to accommodation, as occurs when fixating at distance, in a few individuals.In these conditions, the accommodative system of the eye tends to return to its position of rest (or tonic accommodation).Examples: looking at an empty field; looking through a very small artificial pupil (0.5 mm or less). See components of accommodation; resting state of accommodation.psychic accommodation See proximal accommodation.range of accommodation The linear distance between the far point and the near point.See minus lens method; push-up method.astigmatic accommodation Postulated unequal accommodation along different meridians of the eye attributed to a differential action of the ciliary muscle which would lead to a difference in the curvature of the surfaces of the crystalline lens along different meridians. meridional accommodation.closed-loop accommodation Accommodation response to visual stimuli in normal viewing conditions.See open-loop accommodation.components of accommodation The process of accommodation is assumed to involve four components: reflex, vergence (convergence), proximal and tonic accommodation (also called resting state of accommodation).

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