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To counter these, find out who these players are, get an AR and get the building seed code, and place the seed in front of the Town Gate entrance. The first one roll it until you cant roll it anymore and the second one roll it until you think it is the size of a snowman head. Roll the second one into the first one and they will be on top of each other. When that tree gives fruit, then you can plant that fruit. When it has finished growing, the Dangerous Player will not be able to leave their town, stopping the havoc that they caused. Also to stop a building seed from growing, get a shovel and if you find any small trees that you see after planting a seed, shovel it up. )First, go around in your town until you find a dandelion puff. Then, go in your pockets and drag the dandelion puff to your character. Then exit your pockets and turn your character so that it is facing you. And if it is perfect he will send you a letter with a snowman theme present. Wait until you have at least five of that kind of fruit tree before you sell it. They are a bunch of weird names that you might not have heard of so here is what they are: Are you a person who likes to be super tan? Well, you can be anyone of those on Animal Crossing Wild World DS. Keep doing that everyday and they'll finally leave your town. You can get your hair done in there but in the end, Harriet (the salon owner) asks for the hair color you want. (Note: you can do this with an item in your hand.)Sending in fossils takes forever and wastes your time, but you can get BIG BELLS if you have enough in the museum. Keep on planting the same fruit and you will have a town full with fruit. Sometimes if you send some fruit sometimes you will get the same fruit over again.

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With every hit you do, the rock will release more gold. Next, choose reset clock and than you choose the time you want and go back into the game to Nooks shop and you can see different furniture and items. Mush Bed: 170 Acorns Mush Chair: 40 Acorns Mush Closet: 80 Acorns Mush Dresser: 60 Acorns Mush End Table: 10 Acorns Mush Lamp: 25 Acorns Mush Stand: 100 Acorns Mush Stool: 5 Acorns Mush Table: 120 Acorns Mush TV: 140 Acorns If an animal in your town has furniture in his or her house that you want, send them seashells, unwanted furniture, or fossils to them in the mail. Stand on the item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Here are the answers to a few of the questions she will ask: What do you think is your best asset- Long legs! When Harriet is asking you questions, first say "Everyday.", then "Sweaty!

It will disappear and you background will change for ordering items and the main page.

If there is an open hole in the ground in stead of getting out your shovel you can just go up to the hole and press B and your Person will kick dirt in the hole and it will close. Send the same fruit to another neighbor and they will send you another fruit.

But, if you wanna be paler, then go outside in the winter and fall seasons. Have you ever noticed when you go into the clothes store called Able Sisters, what Sable is sewing?

Just in the Summer and Spring, go outside all the time, and do that for a few weeks, and when you go to play again, you will be tanner.

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