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Outhouses that are covering pit latrines in densely populated areas can cause groundwater pollution.In some localities and varieties of English, particularly outside North America, the term "outhouse" refers not to a toilet, but to outbuildings in a general sense: sheds, barns, workshops, etc. They are by definition outside the dwelling, and are not connected to plumbing, sewer, or septic system.The World Health Organization recommends they be built a reasonable distance from the house balancing issues of easy access versus that of smell.The superstructure exists to shelter the user, and also to protect the toilet itself.Alternatively, some parks mandate a "pack it in, pack it out" rule.Many reports document the use of containers for the removal of excrement, which must be packed in and packed out on Mount Everest.Another system is the bucket toilet, consisting of a seat and a portable receptacle (bucket or pail).

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The management of the fecal sludge removed from the pit is complicated.The decoration on the outhouse door has no standard.The well-known crescent moon on American outhouses was popularized by cartoonists and had a questionable basis in fact.High-tech systems are used in some national parks and popular wilderness areas, to cope with the increased volume of people engaged in activities such as mountaineering and kayaking.The growing popularity of paddling, hiking, and climbing has created special waste disposal issues throughout the world.

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