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Lindsay, 38, has seen a lot of these, including "messages that start with or include any mention of 'mmmmm...' (so creepy)," "cliches like 'I don't bite, unless you want me to,'" and "references to penis size." Crystal, 39, once "had a guy write to me with: 'You. is that important to you, we're not on the same page." Jason*, 27, also said materialism comes off in photos, especially when someone has the "same dresses, designer brands, and hair as all her friends."How About We just became "How about not?

" We may be tempted to click "I'm intrigued," but not for the right reasons.

If you Google “Profile Photo Stolen” or “Stolen Facebook Photos” you might be very surprised to see some really shocking stories of ordinary people who have had their online images “stolen” and used for purposes they didn’t intend.

Even worse still is having your child’s photo stolen, and used for “role playing” , advertising or for ridicule.And before you say, “Oh well, what I don’t know can’t hurt me”, think of how you would feel if your child’s image was discovered photoshopped nude and used on a pornographic or pedophile website, and yes that is happening.It may be one in a thousand chance that your or your family members image is stolen, but don’t make it easy for the thieves.The most common use is that the image “thief” wants to use a believable or attractive photo to give credence to a profile to scam other users in some way.Twitter had a huge problem with this in the early days, (they are getting better at deleting them but there are still millions of fake Twitter accounts) with scammers creating hundreds of fake accounts to “follow” and popularise accounts.

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