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Twice I was given email addresses and told to keep in touch, only to then have my emails ignored. Keep reading » Sunday 17th December is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and the following day marks the closing date for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) inquiry into “pop-up brothels”.

Dr Devlin went to visit the lab working on this project, and she describes the robot as a beautifully crafted silicon sex doll with an animatronic face and a recorded voice controlled by AI.Keep reading » "Small tweaks, big impact." That was the title of the Patreon newsletter which I got sent last week.I read the headlines - changes to the way we can browse and store patron data and issue refunds, and thought nothing of it.I broadcast an interview I'd recorded and edited earlier in the week with Cookie Cosmos, in which they have loads of interesting things to say about being a trans porn producer, the ways in which mainstream porn lets down trans performers, the value of social media for DIY porn, and their exciting forthcoming projects.I've been lucky enough to meet Cookie now, at the trans femme porn screening they showed work at, alongside their wife and fellow porn maker Rae Cosmos, and Chelsea Poe.

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