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My great-grandfather Frank Fogg was born in 1854 and therefore not a man of Colonel Blood's age.

While these details may be unimportant to some people, it indicates that Victoria's biographers don't always have their facts right. This branch of Foggs wasn't and still isn't a wealthy family.

In the summer of 1863, there were several complaints that the extra rooms at the Fox River House were being used for assignations and that Buck's daughters were prostitutes.

The charges were never proved." can see for yourself there's no "Cult of Love" ad in the Apr. Considering that it was perhaps a typo, I checked other dates and other Ottawa, Illinois papers, but I still couldn't find an ad for the "Cult of Love" or even an article in the Free Trader in the 1860's accusing the Claflins of prostitution.

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I've seen an article on SIU's web site that claims my web site doesn't follow the published books on this topic. Marberry on page 242 of his 1967 biography "Vicky," wrote about Colonel and my Nanna Blood as follows: "His bride was the mother of Frank Fogg, who was a man his own age.Produce the "Cult of Love" ad that Buck Claflin is supposed to have published. I've had the opportunity to stand on the Indian mound in Homer where she played as a child, visited the grave of her spirit guide Rachel Scribner and visited several other towns where she lived.If the ad exists, I'll publish it here and send 0 to the first person who provides it to me. A few years ago I traveled to Ottawa, Illinois in search of the ad. Here's a typical ad for Tennessee Claflin in the April 9, 1864 edition of the Ottawa Free Trader. By remarkable coincidence I learned that Victoria Woodhull had been arrested for selling obscene pamphlets in 1873 in Jackson, Michigan, where my business was founded, and the man who had her arrested was Judge Videto. For nearly 20 years I've been doing in-depth research about Victoria Woodhull, Colonel Blood, and their families.It irks me that so many writers seek out intimate details of the private lives of the Claflins, Woodhulls, Bloods, and Martins, and claim to know for a FACT everything about Victoria Woodhull's love life, but neglect to get simple facts right like a name.For nearly 70 years writers referred to Colonel Blood's first wife as "Mrs. When Barbara Goldsmith finally gave a first name to his first wife in 1998, it was the wrong one!

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