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Here's their collection of ideas about what works, what doesn't and why -- and of course some thoughts from yours truly!First: How To Open The Door Gently More than anything, girls say they want to know that you care.What she ended up showing me is that she loves and accepts me, even if I don't always make perfect choices.

I've always felt like an embarrassment to her when I was feeling hurt or scared about something, so of course I don't go to her when I'm feeling any of those things." -- Ann-Marie, age 18 Next: Never Use Her Truth Against Her A big fear girls have talked about that prevents them from telling their moms the truth is having the information somehow used against them.

Here are some specific pointers from the girls: "Every day when my mom comes home from work, she asks me about my day.

If I don't seem talkative, she tells me that she's there to talk to me whenever I'm ready or want to.

Like on a weekend, my mom and I will go for a run and get lunch or mani/pedis -- things like that, that are just for us.

That lets me perceive her not only as a parental figure, but also as a friend who can enjoy the same things I do." -- Michaela, age 17 "I think the best thing my mom has done that lets me open up to her is she's not overbearing.

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