Afghani sex

“The Brezler case is no different in that, at its foundation, there’s a corrupt Afghan commander that exploits children.It’s something that Americans won’t tolerate, and good luck to the Navy as it tries to explain that Brezler was better to keep quiet, avoiding scrutiny altogether, than attempt to save several Marines that were killed. A fourth Marine suffered five gunshot wounds but survived. Jason Brezler against his wishes after he sent classified information over an unclassified email server to warn fellow Marines in Afghanistan about an allegedly crooked Afghan police chief.

The Navy Department’s observation about Brezler’s case was made as another U. service member’s career was in jeopardy because of his response to alleged child sex abuse in Afghanistan. 1st Class Charles Martland made headlines after the Army decided last year to involuntarily separate him from the service because of a reprimand he had received for hitting an Afghan Local Police (ALP) official in 2011 after the man laughed about kidnapping and raping a teenage boy. The Martland case opened a dialogue in which numerous veterans of the war in Afghanistan said they were told to ignore instances of child sex abuse by their Afghan colleagues. [Pentagon watchdog to investigate allegations of Afghan child abuse] Brezler’s attorney, Michael J.

The State Department, in its annual human rights reports, has consistently said that sexual abuse of children is pervasive in Afghanistan.

In its 2014 report, the State Department said many child sexual abusers are not arrested, and "there were reports security officials and those connected to the ANP [Afghan National Police] raped children with impunity." In 2012 in southwestern Helmand province, three Marines were killed by a so-called "tea boy" who served an allegedly corrupt Afghan police commander, Sarwar Jan.

The Marines killed by the police chief’s servant were Staff Sgt. Brian Donlon, sought information about Sarwar Jan because he recalled being told that he was “a bad guy who raped and tortured the people.” The police chief and Brezler had encountered each other previously in another part of Helmand province, Now Zad district, and Brezler had helped get him removed from his job.

Donlon did not open the file Brezler attached to an email sent from the United States and reported his violation, Donlon told investigators afterward.

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