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One (Bruce) is a constant mansplainer who has made his fair share of sexist remarks about me as a working mother.The other (Frank) has coasted through his job for years with me picking up his slack AND has a not-so-secret drinking problem.For the past two years, I have been rated as “Exceeds Expectations” on my annual reviews. Since he would run a mile rather than have a confrontation with anyone, he gives everyone the exact same raise — even those who are rated “Below Expectations.”Am I crazy for thinking my raise should be higher than people who aren’t performing up to expectations?When I asked him about it, he said he was giving everyone the same pay increase because he “didn’t want to make anyone feel bad.” Not surprisingly, I feel bad!!There were four other people from different companies at this lunch.My employee said she doesn’t have a debit or credit card and uses cash exclusively.I explained this is not acceptable for business meals and events, but she says she will continue using cash only.She is different, she is under 25 and does not have social media or any internet presence and when her name is searched for nothing comes up.

In this case, it’s reasonable to say, “Hey, I’d really like credit for the piece I wrote, and I bet others would too — is it possible to list bylines?

I would love to extend an invitation to my friends (I have no qualms about a big party – the more, the merrier) but am concerned about the possible can of worms it would open…I work in a team of five people.

One (Marla) is very close and I consider her to be an honorary aunt.

In general, it’s not a great move to invite half your department and not the other half, but this might be an exception to that general rule since (a) toddler birthday parties are not usually a hot invitation that people will feel burned not to get, and (b) you could position it as just inviting the people who have taken a particular interest in your daughter, which makes perfect sense. Should another coworker get the byline on an article I wrote? It just so happens that writing is a strongpoint for me. Along comes the request to submit an article for publication on our company homepage.

My supervisor asked me to write an article for our company’s website. I wrote it and shared it with local management; they didn’t change a thing, and rubber stamped it.

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