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“They were off and isolated, and once they were there he put them to work.” The tales of glory and wealth that Scottmw15 promised to recruits like Circo was a lie.

Instead, he forced them to ‘rat’—kill respawning NPC pirate ships to collect their bounties—every hour they were logged in.

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As fresh pilots spawned for the first time, they were bombarded by recruitment notices from corporations looking to capitalise on the population explosion. “I’d never played before and I’d been told EVE Online is really involved and complicated,” Circo Maximo tells me.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to function that well on my own.” Scottmw15 recruited him within 24 hours.“He took them out to Russian space where the only people who spoke English were the people in the corporation and him,” Scooter tells me.

In a harsh sandbox MMO where trust is everything, people like Scooter are the very reason it’s in short supply.

While Scottmw15 got rich, Circo and the rest barely made enough to survive.

But Scottmw15’s cruelty ran deeper than exploitation.“He would yell at people if they did anything other than ratting,” Circo says.

While hunting real pirates is an adrenaline rush, killing the AI variety is a monotonous grind.

“It was basically a ’20s mining company,” Scooter says.

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