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The 15-year-old girl, a freshman at Lane Tech High School, has also received online harassment.

Community activist Andrew Holmes, who spoke to the girl's mother on Sunday, said the family is having trouble coping."This was a torture, not just a sexual assault," Holmes said.

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In a post about the patent, a spokesperson for CB Insights said: 'On the one hand, they want to identify which content is most engaging and respond to audience's reactions, on the other emotion-detection is technically difficult, not to mention a PR and ethical minefield.'The patent describes using 'passive imaging data' – video captured by cameras which aren't turned on.

Stephanie Condon is a staff writer for CBS Interactive based in Portland, Oregon, covering business technology for ZDNet.

She previously covered politics for, as well as the intersection of technology and politics for CNET.

Thus, in the future, more advertisements for scotch may be displayed to the user.'While this patent was granted in 2015, Facebook also filed patents for similar technology last month.

One, called 'Augmenting text messages with emotion information', would analyse users' emotions by their typing patterns, and change the message depending on their mood.

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