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we can learn more about each other right on but it will be better just to send me your email contact as a topic to your message because I would only love to get to know someone fairly well by swapping pictures via email exchange to build up a bit of a rapport with them before meeting up in flesh. Therefore, I love all that is connected with an active way of life.But life will appear for me a fairy tale when I meet You!I work for a private organization, I'm a very busy woman and i traveled a lot I have been to Burkina Faso, Zambia, Ghana, Algeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Cameroon, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Jamaica, Kuwait, Vietnam response to HIV / AIDS.So i'm down here in Canada, in a city called Quebec with other members of the NGO .After i was hurt, i told myself that i would learn never to hurt or be hurt by any body again, and that's why i am hoping to find a man who appreciates a lady's true, deep feelings, and would make me feel loved, always.Well, relationship can mean two things: 1) it can mean that we have a connection, which i think exists between two hearts that understand each other, and merges together.Now,i am looking for a new love,relationship (Mr Right) that's the reason you saw my profile on the site it was exactly this site that my friend met her husband and thank God they are now happily married.

I am ready to give you love and sex to surprise you every minute and to give you all that you want because I'm one man woman.latest email from a chatty mugu How are you and work, hope all is well with you ? it really made my day with the lovely email you sent to me.As the directing and coordinating authority on international health, the World Health Organization (SHARED) takes the lead within the UN system in the global health sector response to HIV/AIDS.I ve spent 3 month and left with one week to finish my work here in Canada..I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back.. They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.Am still single searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring, lovely and open minded.. I am new to this internet dating issue and i am not here for joke nor for playing games,i am here looking for Mr Right some one who will take very good care of me for the rest of my life ,such as caring ,honest,kind ,loyal,happy and open minded, I will like to ask u some questions below but i hope to get your true honesty in the answers : How far are you willing to go to prove your love? Does being in love inspire you to want to be a better person? When was the last time you kissed someone who was asleep? Are you 100% sure that, if you're in a relationship, and somebody better came along, you would never leave your loved one? RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL CF = Sha1i1i 34 / Female / Straight Offline.

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