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Conrad’s novella acts as a sort of precursor to the events later depicted in Kingsolver’s novel, and this very connection between the stories illustrates the perpetual oppression of imperialism.... This is what leads him to Kilanga, willingly putting his family in danger to spread the name of the lord, in hope of redemption.

Nathan’s guilt at having escaped the Bataan death march has twisted his belief in God, he sees God as one who punishes and rewards strictly on the basis of merit.

Price is overly consumed and unrelenting in his attempt to baptize the villagers.

Mama Tituba, the Price family’s help becomes enraged as she communicates to Price why the villagers are so fearful of being baptized....

[tags: Literary Analysis ] - Explication of theme: The Poisonwood Bible exemplifies the importance of language, especially foreign languages.

Leah shows an example of someone unable to let go, who instead carries the guilt and lets it eat away at her.

[tags: Poisonwood Bible Essays] - Faith in Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible Throughout the Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver utilizes the experience of the Congo to enhance and rediscover the faith of three of the Price daughters.

At the age of fifteen, Rachel, the Price's oldest child, reveals her true beliefs of her religion through her petulant remarks of the Congo.

By this, Rachel is explaining how the men in the Congo get to wear whatever they want to wear, whereas the women are segregated and made to wear the same thing every single day.

In the novel, Orleanna says, “I was his instrument, his animal. How we wives and mothers do perish at the hands of our own righteousness” (89).

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