Are emily haines and james shaw dating

It seems hard to believe, but it’s certainly a fact worth mentioning: In a few years, Metric will be celebrating 20 years together.

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Until she was 18, Emily insists she was flat-chested and sporty, with train-track braces clamped to her teeth.

She sent photographs of herself to some of the UK’s top agencies, including Storm, which manages Kate Moss, but was eventually signed by Girl Management, a London glamour agency.

And her parents’ reaction when she told them what she was doing? I’m sure my dad would have preferred it if I was a doctor or a lawyer, but he understands that I want to use this as a platform for other things.

You only live once, and you’re probably never going to see them again.’The same can’t be said, of course, for those photographs, already circulating across the internet and being ogled by millions, images which she will never be able to delete, should she ever come to change her mind about quite how ‘empowering’ they are.

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