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Hello daters and welcome back to the Modern Muslim Guide to Dating.Last time in Hello, I don’t want to sleep with you, please date me we spoke about sex and the prospect of waiting while dating.It is important then to remember, that by venturing out in to the world and finding yourself a mate, you are essentially flying in the face of centuries of tradition (oh my).Tradition that may not align with how westernised we are in other areas of our lives but is still the only reference point that your parents have when it comes to matters of the heart.Rather, bringing someone home to meet my parents was something that used to fill me with a little uncertainty.As Muslims in the UK, we are often straddling two very different cultural identities each with contending views on love, sex and marriage.As some of you may be aware, the Pakistani way of doing things basically consists of Jane Austen levels of propriety and a social separation of the sexes.

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Love is a serious business for a lot of Asian and Muslim parents so bringing someone home becomes immediately more loaded and significant than it would be in a secular British household.

I spoke about the idea of reconciling this difference in the Modern Muslim Guide To Dating (Part 2).

Navigating your way through this part can be tricky enough, but adding family into the mix can often become a confusing and frustrating experience.

Whether you’re waiting for marriage or just don’t feel comfortable with intimacy until you’re in a loving, committed relationship, then this is for you.

The main thing to remember is to be respectful of your partner’s preferences but also to be honest, fair, and not to apologise for having your own.

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