Asus transformer weather widget not updating

This is dissapointing as I'd like to sit on the couch and charge at the same time, but the stock cable is too short.I still believe it's a great tablet and will only get better with software updates, but right now it suffers from glitchy, slow apps and OS.Under the CM9 Settings, I ticked Google's location service.In the Weather Widget settings, I selected Auto-refresh my current location, and every hour.As I previously stated, the screen is great regardless of what anyone else says.I have poor eyesight, but I can clearly read the screen even with full sun shining on it.I don't know that my weather widget has ever really updated. 95% of the time when I manually update it doesn't work either.Not sure what's wrong with it but I don't usually use it.

My wife's ASUS TF 101's weather widget is not updating for the last few days.I've only been able to find a giant widget that doesn't really fit on the screen, I guess it came from the tablet...Sent from my EVO using xda app-developers app Installed the Asus Weather Widget.I went into setting and refreshed it and also fooled around with it... I've got an issue with the Asus Weather widget, first I had an "Unavailable" message on top of the widget, and now I've got the weather but instead of the nice stylish look, I've got some kind of ugly grey bar with small caracters (looks a little like some ...Asus weather Can anyone get ahold of the Asus padphone weather clock widget...

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