Atlanta dating service

Our goal isn’t to send you on lots of meaningless dates. Our goal is to pinpoint your perfect match and give you the tools you need to help your relationship grow.

We don’t just help you find your perfect match, we also help you realize and unlock the best possible you for dating and creating real results.

We work with professional singles that are genuine in their quest for love, financially stable and motivated to invest in themselves.

We measure our success by the amount of positive change we’re able to bring into our clients lives.

This painstaking approach has proven to be remarkably successful in finding meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Kelleher International's elite matchmaking skills could help connect you with the person with whom you send the rest of your life.

In an effort to be even more transparent, we are now sharing where our Super Bowl 51 orders are coming from.

In the chart below you can see the breakdown of our Super Bowl orders by billing state.

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We are the most comprehensive matchmaking firm in Atlanta.Combining the tenets of traditional matchmaking with contemporary dating rituals, we match our clients on a variety of important criteria, including personal and professional goals, beliefs and values and measures of success.Our Atlanta and Dallas matchmaker teams, as well as our international matchmaking network, work hard to find the right person for each of our clientele.All matchmakers advertise “They take the time to get to know you” but do they really?Not only do we get to know you we make sure you have the dating and relationship skills you need to be successful.

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