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Nate made his way from the big house, from where he'd collected the clothes, and hurried through the avenue, keen to get into his grandmother's home. However, no matter how much revulsion he felt, Nate couldn't quite hate his grandmother. "You left him standing there," Nate continued, after a pause. "I saw everything, Gran." He heard his grandmother's sigh and the sound of the chair being pushed back along the floor.

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She might be fifty-seven but the woman had it all going on, she was still desirable ... "Oh, so you recall being down on your knees in front of my father?

hell, she was more than desirable, Madeline was gorgeous. She chuckled and shook her head, a rueful pout beneath eyes sparkling with mischief. " The sweater came up, covering Madeline's face while Marcus stared at her exposed breasts, big tits that swung heavily as she carefully stretched the neck of the garment over her hair. Jealousy spiked in his chest, the corrosive emotion tightening his jaw when Madeline, with the sweater limp in her hand, chuckled and said, "You boys just can't get enough of my boobs." He didn't appreciate references to other men. Tendrils of blonde stroked her temples, delicate strands that had fallen loose from the bundle of her hair clasped high on her head, displaced when the sweater had come off. Do you recall what you were doing with your hand and your mouth, Gran?

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