Be2 dating cancellation

I have previously signed up for other dating services and know that legitimate businesses do not use fake pictures to lure in customers.

The ratio of genuine to fake users is also far worse here than on any other site I have used.

Save your money and avoid this scam site like the plague. These 'singles' ask to immediately chat off-site.

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Then and only then did I find out that the women I was curious about had NOT uploaded any pictures, and the photographs were "placeholders" put up by Academic Singles. Within the hour I signed up, it became clear to me that I had been cheated.

The others were to a bunch of very different looking women who had all written me the exact same message asking me to contact them at the same email address .

Incidentally, the real women who had written me were all NOT academics.

The amount advertised went up by the time I had paid the subscription.

Be2 is an dating network with websites setup for various countries. It's a pay site with limited access until you buy an upgrade.

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