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She helps her clients get a clear picture of their financial needs so they can understand the short and long-term consequences of their decisions.Coping with Separation and Divorce program (COPE)This is a parenting education program offered by UVM Extension in collaboration with the VT Courts Family Division.The links below can help you access this information.Your decision to get a divorce was probably not something you came too easily.

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Vermont Family Law helps people navigate the complex legal system, find answers to their questions about divorce and family law, and know what to expect in court whether they have a lawyer or not.You will find VT divorce laws and child support calculation software and guidelines, as well as separation and divorce forms.You'll also be able to contact experienced divorce professionals, get domestic abuse shelter and contact information, divorce support groups, other support services as well.Parents learn about divorce and separation affect children and ways to ease the transition and avoid some of the pitfalls of co-parenting.The COPE program is often required for parents of minor children who are going through a legal separation or divorce. If you are considering or have started a divorce in Vermont, you will need to make important decisions concerning the custody, support, and care of your children.

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