Besson euphonium dating

Get a bargain price on it 75 with case Rumor has it that Larry Minick was involved with the design of this model, could be true. The 112H is a great bargain for an inline valve bass trombone.This one has a 10" unlacquered red brass bell, some minor cosmetic and lacquer blems. REDUCED 50 with case Totally unique trombone that was built from parts for a Bach aficionado to be an ultimate vintage Bach jazzer. Bell flare is from Byron Peebles collection, a Mt Vernon 12 yellow brass bell.This is a unique playing trombone, it reminds me a lot of a Holton, that big warm enveloping sound that gets a touch bright when you lay into it. Has an unsoldered red brass bell, B62 slide (one leadpipe).There is some minor wear and tear, lacquer wear and scratches certainly not perfect cosmetically but a really nice playing instrument at a great price. My guess is this Ophicleide is from the late 1890s judging by the number of keys and lever system.I showed it to Robb Stewart (who repaired a small crack in one of the slide legs) and he and I both believe this is an original feature on this instrument, making it particularly unusual and special.It's a big bore and takes a mouthpiece somewhere between a "euro" shank and a modern large shank.Here's an early 1950s King 2B Silversonic with all the bells and whistles, the deluxe gold inlay finish. It isn't the most fancy or glorious but it does play well and is a very nice instrument for a student or young professional looking for a quality horn that won't break the bank. This is a newer Eastlake Conn 8D, good lightly used condition with some minor cosmetic blems and normal wear from use.

One thing I love about this trombone is the makers stamp, it is an early Mt Vernon so the signature still looks like the New York factory stamp, I love that.Most interestingly, this trombone is currently set up with a "Haynor" valve system.If you look at the photos, you can see how it functions.It's not for everyone, either you LOVE it or you HATE it.This trombone is being sold as is with this Haynor system installed (which is very well done btw) but we can convert to normal split trigger configuration for a small additional fee if you want it set up normally. Every once in a while I get something really special and unusual. Regardless of this, its quite a good playing trombone and would be great for a player looking for a top tier professional trombone at a bargain price. An underrated pro level trombone, the Benge 165F is a large bore .547" with closed wrap F attachment. Long the industry standard for the west coast and many professional orchestras around the world.

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