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In other words, mottos can be powerful tools in your life to help you navigate your way through the clutter and noise out there in pop culture and elsewhere.They can also be powerful ways to communicate profound principles of human behavior to loved ones and others.There is great power in the words of my life motto for me.It informs the way I look at the world, myself in the mirror, the role I play in my own life and in others’.So many people, it seems to me, act as though they were in the audience watching their lives unfold on stage, as if others were responsible for the unfolding.As a result, they become pawns on others’ game boards. But that kind of passive or reactive living can’t produce the happiness a self-directed, self-responsible, motto-driven life can produce.Join us on this happy adventure as you learn how to unlock your hidden potential to enjoy the rewards of a life well lived. Canadians and foreigners alike have a ton of dating sites to choose from, making this country an ideal place if you are looking for love online.

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However, a motto is not usually sufficient in itself.

It’s a tool to reinforce concepts and principles already being explicitly taught.

Without that explicit instruction, our use of mottos becomes little more than the idiosyncratic expressions of a quirky parent.

That’s the power of a motto, fully ingested, passionately endorsed, harmoniously aligned and fully integrated.

Millions upon millions of corporations, nations, cities and states, government agencies, non-profit organizations, clubs and events have created and adopted mottos as expressions of what they want to be and how they want to be seen, what they strive for and as a reflection of their core beliefs and values and as a way to infuse into the organization those values they want absorbed into the organizational climate. ~ Boy Scouts Other well-known mottos include “This too shall pass” “The customer is always right” and “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Having an organizational motto allows corporations and other organizations to instruct incoming recruits on what the corporate culture is all about, what drives them, what their organizational passion is.

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