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It appears that my hesitation has returned to haunt me.It is necessary to distinguish Mass from other moments in which Communion is received.Otherwise the rite may be carried out at each cell with a brief Liturgy of the Word, although the local ordinary may approve particular adaptations to special circumstances unforeseen in the liturgical books.Communion to the sick, elderly or shut-ins presents a different pastoral situation, and the special circumstances allow for particular solutions.

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Both rites have the same basic structure but differ in the prayers and texts provided.

What is the true Roman Catholic way in which to recite the Lord's Prayer during Mass? P., Milford, Maine A: It is true that there is no prescribed posture for the hands during the Our Father and that, so far at least, neither the Holy See nor the U. The process for introducing any new rite or gesture into the liturgy in a stable or even binding manner is already contemplated in liturgical law.

This process entails a two-thirds majority vote in the bishops' conference and the go-ahead from the Holy See before any change may take effect.

The act of holding hands usually emphasizes group or personal unity from the human or physical point of view and is thus more typical of the spontaneity of small groups.

Hence it does not always transfer well into the context of larger gatherings where some people feel uncomfortable and a bit imposed upon when doing so.

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