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One of the most prominent chains, it has a total of six outlets throughout Kolkata.

Sweet shops across Kolkata have turned into centres of chaos: Customers are unable to decide which sweets to buy given that the before and after tax prices vary and then they get into a long discussion with the cashier to figure the exact GST on their buy.

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Get ready to create intimate relationships and enjoy erotic camming with models from all over the world.Jiten Saha, the manager of Sri Gopal Sweets in Bondel Road pointed out problems in everyday life with retail customers.“Suppose if a customer comes and buys eight pieces of singara, two cups of mishti doi, four rosogollas and two chocolate sweetmeats. Imagine the herculean task of calculating,” Saha said.The government has clarified that the GST rate on the main product, and not on the ingredients, will prevail.But shop owners complain of confusion.“We have about 200 products.

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