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Considering their recent entry into the mainstream vocabulary, blogs have already created controversy in the news. Blogs may invite comments and feedback similar to the Internet newsgroup discussions that started long before the Web came about (see newsgroup).In the United States, criticism emanating from bloggers ultimately forced CBS News to retract a controversial story about President George W. Canadian Bloggers Have No One to Blame but Themselves. Blogs often support RSS syndication, which automatically notifies users when new blog entries are posted (see syndication feed).

After 9/11, blogs were used to convey information, thoughts and feelings faster than ever.

INDEXES END GO So, now I’ve got two procedures in Master, one prefixed with ‘sp_’ and the other with a different prefix ‘usp_’.

Neither of them has been marked as a ‘system object’ so let’s see what happens.

The vlog was apparently downloaded by more than half a million people in just four days, resulting in the ­company’s having to fill millions of product exchanges. Depending on the situation, the "blogosphere" can be a more potent force than mainstream journalism.

Blog Software and Services In the late 1990s, the first blogs were manually coded in HTML and uploaded to a Web server.

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