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Anytime data is the data you use first, and like its name implies, you’re good to use it at any time.Once you use up the anytime data, you’re stuck with bonus data, which sounds nice, but it won’t do much for you. For example, you won’t be able to watch Netflix with bonus data because the speed is so slow.Hughes Net and Exede took the first and second spots in the best satellite internet rankings for 2017, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into what truly makes the two satellite internet providers different.If you have access to DSL or cable internet, do not get satellite internet.

If you want to know if you can get it, you’ll need to .

If you want higher-than-advertised speed, you’re more likely to get it with Hughes Net.

Exede, on the other hand, needs to improve on its actual download speed.

If you can’t get a discount, basic plans for Hughes Net and Exede both start at .99 per month.

However, premium plans for Hughes Net cost less than Exede’s (9 per month compared to 9 per month).

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