Books to read about dating Fling chat

Before meeting my current boyfriend, I went on some really, really dreadful dates. I dated guys who read only the Beats, guys who adored , guys who would die for George R. That response — complete confusion about why I had asked the question — was the one I learned to dread the most.

After a while, I became great at identifying, quickly, if the dude sitting across the table was worth seeing again."What do you like to read? I don't mean to sound like a terrible snob, but the question of what (and whether) a guy reads offers important clues into whether he's boyfriend material or *cough* fuck-buddy material.

We've all dated people whose gaze starts to wander if you begin a long story, or who are so intent on what they want to share that they completely gloss over everything you say.A thirst for reading is the same thing as having a thirst for adventure.Every time he starts a new book, your guy proves that he's down for something new, and that he wants to make his world bigger instead of smaller.(Not surprising, but it's nice to have evidence.) No matter what you and your guy like to read, starting a book club for two is a great way to bring you closer. If you date a guy who's read too, you can go over every variation between movie and book plotlines afterward.7.It might seem like you're not really connecting when you're snuggled on the couch reading the same book, but in fact, you're creating the foundation for new conversations, inside jokes, and a bunch of shared references. Because the more he reads, the better he'll listen.

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