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The band's first two releases on the label, Enjoy Incubus and S. has continued their success, nominating the band for Best Hard Rock Performance in the 2005 Grammy Awards.

On November 28, 2006, the band released Light Grenades.

Boyd graduated from Calabasas High School in 1994 and attended Moorpark College for two years before committing to Incubus.

Brandon grew up in Calabasas, CA with Ricky Taylor who inspired him to write music.

His voice was part of what enticed Sony's Epic/Immortal Records, along with their self-released album Fungus Amongus and the band was signed in 1996. The band's 2004 release A Crow Left of the Murder... B7aga5Zb We've just finished up a 30 minute interview with the front man, @mybrandonboyd, of American multi-platinum band @Incubus Band. Keep your eyes on the site for the full interview next week.

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Boyd is seen active on Instagram and is interested in photography.

He has got a pet dog and loves spending his time with the pet. Recently he is not found dating anyone and is still unmarried as he is busy in making his new album and forming a new band. He has got a tattoo of Om Mani Padme Hum on his forearms referring to the qualities of ethics, patience, and wisdom.

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