Building your own dating site

More and more people nowadays are finding their prospective partners and love on an online dating site than ever before.For many, it is the only way they can find the time to meet someone because of busy lives, distances and even common interests or niches. Online dating has become one of the leading internet businesses with a high success rate of not only providing people with possible relationships and love, but a good return on the investment of time and money for the creator of the site.Work closely with your Web host, as well as your programmer if used, to maintain the site as needed.Wanda Thibodeaux is a freelance writer and editor based in Eagan, Minn.If you have ever considered starting a dating website, you need to write down the reason why.The most successful sites are not the ones with the broadest appeal or generic, but are the ones with the narrowest or focussed niche.Choose a host that can provide the amount of bandwidth you project will be necessary as the site grows.

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She currently works through her business website,, which functions globally and welcomes new clients.

Use your information from Steps 1 and 2 to determine the overall design for the dating website.

Navigation is the most important aspect of any website.

Decide which revenue generation method you will use on your site. The Web host provides space on a server for your Web pages.

Free hosting is available, but paid hosting generally is better because you get more space, better monitoring and an overall more stable website.

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