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Everybody had gone down to the beach that day but me.

I slept in knowing the sun would still be shining and the waves would still be crashing many hours past the crack of dawn. As I walked between the houses I noticed a girl sitting with her back to the full length window on the wall facing me. As I crept up slowly I could see her digging into her pussy with her fingers. I quickly whipped out my cock and began to beat off with her. Seeing as how nobody was using the walkway and nobody would see me I stripped off my clothes to be naked too.

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Once she "came to" she flicked her hand as if to tell me to get lost as she rushed out of the room. However, things can quickly slide into boredom if you are hitting a year, or even if you catered to the relationship properly from the beginning, it can still come crashing down several years in.

I wasn’t in love with Sapphira A because she has perky boobs or because of her athletic body.

This girl rocks my world because she reminds me of another girl I once met in a similar setting. It all started when I was staying at my uncle’s beach house.

This must have excited her, because she ended up turning around to give me a look at her, while she got a look at me.

We both masturbated furiously until my sperm began to blast out of my cock making loud thuds as it hit the window she was leaning against. Take a look at the free galleries of Sapphira A at Snbabes.

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