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We'll ship what we have in our warehouse, and a request for the items we don't have is sent to the vendor (e.g. The vendor will process those orders and ship them out to you separately from any items sent from Blue Chip.

Plasti Dip is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating.

With so many colors, your craft and DIY possibilities are endless! If you are experiencing a cloudy or hazy finish, it’s likely caused by high humidity. If experiencing runs or sags when spraying, move can further away from the surface and apply a lighter coat.

Avoid these conditions or add approximately 5-10% naphtha to reduce the problem. Sagging and dripping can also be caused by high humidity, high temperatures, windy conditions, or direct sunlight.

Please note that the cost shown is for delivery only - if there are additional tarrifs, taxes, or import duties imposed by your location those are not included in the shipping cost and are not covered by Blue Chip.

Our system will send an email when your package has been picked up by the carrier (UPS or USPS).

If it has been worn for practice or competition we won't be able to accept it unless there is a problem or defect with the item.

You wouldn't want to wear someone else's stinky shoes, and they don't want to wear yours!

In some cases if we're temporarily out of stock of an item we will Drop Ship it from the manufacturer.We strive to make returns and exchanges as easy as possible.You can download a printable return form here: form has all the instructions you'll need to get started.Ideal conditions are low humidity, 70 degrees, little to no air movement in a well-ventilated area.Most items being dip coated do not require priming because the coating is shrinking around the item as it dries.

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