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So if your copy is to weave its magic it needs to be light, easy to read and captivating.

Here are 15 punchy copywriting tips for making your copy more impactful and compelling for readers:1.

It’s often said that copywriting can’t be too long, just too boring.

And sales writing is often only tolerated at the best of times.

Use positive inspiring language on what the reader ‘can’ achieve and ‘will’ be able to do.

Merely spotting when students are incorrect is relatively easy compared with understanding the reasons behind their errors.

The latter demands careful attention and a deep knowledge of the mathematics concepts and principles that students are learning…

The insights we gain by making assessment a regular part of instruction enable us to meet the needs of the students who are eager for more challenges and to provide intervention for those who are struggling.

Don’t waffle or descend into a longwinded diatribe that’s of little interest to anybody but you.6. Don’t use words just because they sound impressive.

Leave long paragraphs to novelists, and limit yours to a single thought. And leave jargon and corporate claptrap for the brochure (if you must use them at all).8.

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