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The National Geographic funded fieldwork was carried out between 20 by a team of archaeologists from Puerto Rico and the UK, including Dr Alice Samson (University of Leicester) and Dr Jago Cooper (British Museum), who have just published their first set of results in the Journal of Archaeological Sciences.

In some areas, the cave wall crust has been scraped off which, the archaeologists suggest, might indicate that some of the artwork relates to a form of calcium carbonate extraction.

2 in the Caribbean, has been a romantic getaway since the 1950s, when Eva Gabor and Noël Coward cocooned at the resort.

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Their radiocarbon and uranium-thorium dates indicate the paintings were made relatively recently between the 13th and 15th centuries, and are consistent with the wider Late Ceramic Age Taino culture on either side of the Mona Passage.Jamaican hotels won big this year as well, with four top spots.Couples Tower Isle, the highest-rated winner in Jamaica and No.For the last four years, archaeologists have been exploring cave systems on Mona Island, which lies halfway between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.Inside, they’ve found the largest concentration of Taino cave art yet discovered, with literally thousands of motifs extending deep into ‘dark zone’ chambers far from the cave entrances.

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