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Clever if its used on a route like a bridge with high footfall, allowing you to target specific locations or neighbourhoods. the Movie Troll-hunter was marketed using a stencil on Bridges in the city saying “Troll Below” sparking off curiosity. Use 3d Floor artist to do something mind-boggling outside your premises front door 10. Play with outdoor installations: turn an outdoor sign or piece of public works into something new and entertaining. Yarn bombing is a good example of people decorating the urban environment & using a product in an unexpected but decoratively visible way – an arts and craft supplier for example could supply free yarn to a knitting Circle and encourage Guerrilla Yarn bombing in the locality.In this picture, local electricity board ESB worked with the municipal authorities to revitalise the cultural quarter in Dublin by using a Street artist to work on the theme of Electricity on an old Building they own in the district: Here is a great example from Ikea: Ikea Follows Banksy and Turns to Graffitti Street Art Caveat: Be careful when engaging in street tactics as you are encroaching on public space – people usually forgive you for imposing your image or promotion on a public space only if it is entertaining, temporary, and an improvement to the environment or aesthetic. Chalk it up :write your website in chalk outside a major event related to what you do say in the carpark or registration driveway 11. Catch some enjoyable examples in Time Magazine’s photogallery on “The Fine Art of Yarn Bombing” 16. Another great example : Le Cool and Dublin city council used open-sourced collaboration on Dublin Park(ing) Day. Instead, don some Recessionista fatigues and arm your business with these creative cost-saving tactics.Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g.Tap into the people in your neighbourhood who use your business by providing them with meaningful events in-store or on your premises: 20.

The community features micro trends, and cutting edge ideas 46.

a DIY store could hold free DIY or upcycling classes using suppliers sponsorship or in-house expertise. Conversely if you supply into retail: do free in-house events via demonstrations of your product with Q & A sessions and tips on how to use your products in radical new ways. Starbucks allows you to collect stars with every purchase. encourage customers to buy a special basket or combination of goods and reward with a prize, Or the classic “be the 100th customer today and win a free prize” and so on.. Other games challenge the public to look out for the product and keep it in the public’s consciousness e,g, a Treasure hunt: find the hidden prize in the packaging and you win a year’s supply, get the golden ticket in our next Flyer mailout, spot our Product on the street .. It usually helps if you tie this in with charitable activity. Sell your business face to face via Free Business Networking events / Business Speed Dating. Shared Services & Collective bargaining– learn from Cooperatives: collaborate with your business network to pool marketing resources, procurement and engage in collective bargaining. Barter Products and Services within your business network or set up a system of your own between local stakeholders, e.g. For example, if you are a in the business of providing e.g.

Or award a badge for targeted buying activity and let customers qualify for the next level of rewards. Clonakilty Favour Exchange : A skills and labour system set up to service a local business community. Secret Tours get together with other businesses in your high street, local business network or town and organise a secret tour around a theme:for example if you are in hospitality : a secret food trail showcasing the best culinary experiences for tourists and locals e.g. Give Free hugs in a busy high street area outside your premises. Pay it forward: be a parking fairy pay for someone’s parking outside a key establishment like Google perhaps and stick your business card in with the parking receipt on their windscreen. In the “Nicked” viral campaign from from Ben Sherman, Display shirts were stuck on the Outside of their flagship window and cameras captured passers bys as word of mouth spread that the products were free : take a look at the Ben Sherman Nicked Window display viral 40.

The Inspiration Room a space for viewing creative content from all forms of media around the world 43.

Lecool has published a compilation of 111 City projects around Europe ranging from popup events, urban farming to sustainable design via their book: “Smart Guide to Utopia“ Cool Hunting 44.

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