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This makes what he calls an “addiction” to masturbation even harder to talk about. On the surface, it might seem like the normal Reddit No Fap community, a group of men whose choice of abstinence is largely driven by a desire for self-improvement.

Calling me from a cafe in central Birmingham, far away from his home, he says that he started masturbating in his late teens “without really knowing what I was doing.” “It started, like most boys, with wet dreams. But according to members of Muslim No Fap, who all wished to remain anonymous, their community is much different.

The mainstream view among some world-famous preachers, including Zakir Naik, is that anyone engaging in extramarital sexual activities without repentance (in the form of fasting and prayer) will be sent to hell on Judgment Day.As Abu Khadeer says, “A lot of us are told to be celibate up to the point of marriage.And then when we get married, we’re just expected to know what to do.And you aren't picking the right people to be with, either.I have been celibate now for about almost a year and a half.

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