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En español | So you're fed up with your cellphone provider over dropped calls, high bills, hidden fees and more, yet you can't end the relationship because you're tied to that pesky two-year contract.Relief may be on the way: Carriers increasingly are abandoning the old contract model in favor of plans that offer phones with robust features — and a lot fewer restrictions.If you decide to stick with the same carrier, you can get an "upgrade" (a new phone) as long as you renew for another two years. providers, has replaced its two-year contracts with several no-contract options.

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While prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans used to offer only basic phones, today's prepaid options often include smartphones.

Not all have the fastest or most widespread service, but for many users they offer enough to keep them happy.

Sandy Berger is a technology journalist based in Pinehurst, N. She has written eight books on tech including Sandy Berger's Great Age Guide to Better Living Through Technology.

Quicker upgrades T-Mobile has also introduced a plan called JUMP!

, which lets you swap your phone for a newer model as soon as six months after enrolling.

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