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The Internet allows us to find out as much as the Islamic world is willing to tell us and it also allows the world to question the Islamic mindset.

Currently we are at a great historical impasse in humanity.

The opportunities for women in Islamic culture has been tradition bound towards motherhood and in light of their contribution to the overall national struggle, they now have legitimate demands on the Islamic brotherhood for equal status.

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Their thoughts can be heard trickling and buzzing through America Online Islam chat rooms and messaging boards, through MSN Islam message boards and, just like anyone else, through email.

How Muslim women theorize about their political and cultural issues,and how the Islamic feminism movement will move from theory to strategy in implementing its priorities is unique in Islam.

The Muslim woman should define her activities and goals,so that efforts to improve public and private lives are under one umbrella when peace eventually comes.

What I have found, however, is perhaps even more frightening to the western mind.

Most Islamic women who use the Internet in 2002, have used it to further the gender subjugation, inferiority and inequality between the sexes in such an ingrained way, that the promise of globality amongst them and us is elusive.

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