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She needed some kind of acknowledgement, but knew better than to speak.

Were she not prostrated on the floor, she would have lost her feet.

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She felt a hardness against her chest, though she knew very well that he was a patient man. if you are looking for realistic depictions of sex, try an anatomy textbook. in principle this is fine because people are different and can have different tastes for different things without declaring something to be totally without value.

Two steps forward, to the approximate middle of the anteroom. His hand caressed her face, leaving trails of her juices. to the point where she does things that don't make sense. if you disagree, that doesn't mean it is bad, it means you are interested in different types of stories. but really, I think that my starting assumption is just something you are not interested in.

His finger surged up the length of her vagina, jabbed her cervix. "Thank you, sir." "Look up at me." Her face turned up, though of course she could see nothing. But I do not, because I am not interested in gay erotica, and because it is better to let those who are interestedher motivation is because she is horny and in love. that is the starting assumption that motivates all else, the kink I wish to explore. what i had in mind was someone who is estranged from friends and family, or perhaps an immigrant, or someone who is not social, or an only child with dead parents. again, the point is to make realistic everything around this unrealistic, kinky idea. If you want to give it one star, that's your right.

He might acknowledge her, he might fuck her, or he might lock her away in a dark corner until she died of thirst.

She would give anything, do anything, just for the chance to be near him.

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