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At first he thinks that he is blessed, but he realizes that he is cursed.

Closer to the present day, Kim Shin has waited 900 years for a human bride to end his immortal life.

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And for eun tak, come one she is just a student ofc she will act like eps 1/2 she ask him to married he not bcs of love but bcs of he is rich,since she is poor...

He is sad because he has a reason you will find out later..

If he tell the reason why he is sad on that point the story will over and it will NON-interested story!!!

It was a great drama as well but “Goblin “ really shows your ability. I'm not gonna lie I seriously despise Kim Eun Sook's work, (apart from DOTS which was co-written) but with Goblin I have to admit, she outdid herself.

I hope you and the entire cast can star in another drama. I love the story and I really loved the bromance between Goblin and the Grim Reaper.

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