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In churches they were obliged to use their own water fonts, not the normal font reserved for “clean” Catholics.

In the 18th century a wealthy Cagot in the Landes region was caught using the font reserved for "clean" Catholics.

Anyone with Jewish or Moorish blood was suspect and penalised.

Under statutes of , the descendants of Jews and Moors, even though they were Christians, were debarred from universities, religious orders, military orders and public office.

‘Cagot ear’ is a medical term used today for ears without earlobes.

When the Jews and Moors were expelled from Spain towards the end of the fifteenth century, racial legislation was passed to "purify" the blood of the upper classes.

Then the candidate provided the names of the parents and grandparents, as well as places of birth.

Two delegates of the council, church or other public place would then research the information to make sure it was truthful.

An edict of 8 March 1804 by King Ferdinand VII resolved that no knight of the Military Orders could wed without having a council vouch for the limpieza de sangre of his prospective spouse.

In some places second class citizens were obliged to intermarry well into the nineteenth century because ecclesiastical authorities refused licences for "mixed marriages".

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