Christian dating sexual sin

One relatively recent story was the rise and fall of Gil Jones, a pastor who brought a fledgling Flatirons Church in Colorado from a few hundred to ten thousand all within a few years.On the outside he seemed to have the perfect life, rising stardom, skyrocketing church, and a beautiful wife and children; however, he started having an affair with a woman on staff, which ultimately led to his demise both personally and professionally.Media giants learned early on that “sex sells.” Therefore, they use it every moment they can by lacing sensuality through commercials, ads, programs, movies, etc.Many Christian men allow themselves to be inundated with these images and messages and have not trained their hearts and minds for purity by filtering through this daily bombardment.Why would someone who seemingly has it all, high paying job, beautiful family, etc, throw it all away for sex?One of the answers is because the power and pull of sex can often be overwhelming, especially for men.

The first step to more satisfying sexual intimacy within marriage is for husbands to clean up their sexual practices.Unfortunately, many men feel sexually unsatisfied in their marriages while women tend to feel used just for their bodies.Obviously, learning how to have fulfilling Christian sex within marriage is essential.One analogy for sex is a river, if it is contained within the banks (marriage) the water can flow beautifully and powerfully.However, if the river exceeds the banks and spills over into the landscape surrounding it (sex outside of marriage) great devastation can occur.

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