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Believing that they had replaced the Jews as God's chosen people, Christians deduced that they were free to persecute and extirpate non-Christian peoples, and even that they were under a moral obligation to do so.When the Jews and Moors were expelled from Spain towards the end of the fifteenth century, racial legislation was passed to "purify" the blood of the upper classes.In theory anyone who had any Jewish or Moorish ancestor, however remote, was of "impure blood" and suffered accordingly. Moreover they were second class citizens for racial, not religious, reasons.There was no question about it: according to the rules even the most devout Christian should be punished for having even a single distant ancestor of the wrong race.Anyone with Jewish or Moorish blood was suspect and penalised.

Two delegates of the council, church or other public place would then research the information to make sure it was truthful.

Their only distinguishing feature was their descent from families identified as Cagot.

Cagots were supposed to have strange heads, webbed feet and misshapen ears.

The earliest known case judging Limpieza de Sangre comes from the Church of Cordoba.

It explained the procedure to judge the purity of blood of a candidate as follows: Kneeling, with his right hand placed over the image of a crucifix on a Bible, the candidate confirmed not being of either Jewish or Moorish extraction.

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