Computer stalled while updating

If you are unsure, compare the version number with that on the support site, and download the latest updates if necessary: When the window asks you to "Select the Instrument Directory" for the product, navigate to the Instrument folder (within the Main Library folder), highlight it, and click "Open" 3.Now, click on the ‘Update Instruments’ option in the same Gear icon menu options in step 2.Please note that the demands of a given project will the recommended ‘Cache Level’ setting.For example, on the same computer, a large Hollywood Orchestra template will require a higher ‘Cache Level’ setting than a small project using a less demanding PLAY Library, like Fab Four.Hover your mouse over the product and click on the gear icon that appears. This will bring up a window that asks you to choose the location to deactivate from. Please note: For Composer Cloud users subscribed to All Collections, you only need to deactivate one product within the collection to deactivate the Composer Cloud license.Now it's time to activate your license(s) on the new computer.

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Make sure your i Lok key is plugged in if that's your preferred option.

For large instrument setups, spreading your libraries across multiple drives helps alleviate potential bottlenecks in performance.

For instructions for transferring your Play Libraries to multiple drives, please see the following: FAQ: Can I spread my Play Libraries across multiple hard drives?

Now click "choose" in the window, navigate to the Play Libraries folder you created on the hard drive of choice, and click "open". Any Play Library you download will go to that location. Moving an existing Play Library to a new hard drive Please note: If you have already downloaded your Play Libraries to the correct location using the Installation Center, please ignore this step. Locate Directory and Reinstall The last step when moving a Play Library to a different hard drive is to establish the directory path between Play and each product's Library.

However, if you already have a Play Library installed on a hard drive, and you'd like to move them to some other location, first create a Play Libraries folder at the new location. Please note, if you downloaded directly from the Installation Center, this directory path has already been established.

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