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The more super funds you are in, the more fees you may pay and the harder it is to keep track of your super.You can do something about it, by taking one of the following 2 options: 1.Most of us will have more than one job in our lifetimes.That generally means having more than one super account.No matter what type of work you'll be doing, you can take your super account with you.By sticking with Cbus you’ll enjoy the same history of strong, long-term performance, low fees and member benefits.

If your details have changed, your old super fund may have lost touch with you and transferred your super to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). All we need is your tax file number (TFN) and your permission to search for other super accounts with the ATO.

Step 1: create a my Gov account then link the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to your account. Contact your fund You can contact either the fund you want to move your money into or your current fund to let them know you want to consolidate your accounts.

If you already have a my Gov account, log in and click through to the ATO section. In this section, you can: Step 3: choose the fund you want to transfer your money from (called the ‘transferring fund’) and the fund you want to transfer your money to (called the ‘receiving fund’) from the funds listed. Use the ATO’s paper rollover form Step 1: download a rollover initiation form from the ATO’s website Step 2: complete a form for each fund you are transferring a benefit from Step 3: send the form to the fund you are moving your super money into Step 4: the fund you have chosen to move your super money into then contacts the other fund and requests the transfer Step 5: the other fund must transfer your super money within 30 days (for paper requests). Many funds provide a service where they will consolidate accounts on your behalf. To find out more about consolidating your super and for superannuation advice, contact us today.

We make consolidating your super simple with our quick paperless online process.

It will mean more money for your retirement and peace of mind today.

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